Lessons of Life #1


Yes, I mean it.

We’ve encountered a number of people in our lives so far. We like some, a few we love, a few we don’t like much and there is a separate corner for all the ones we religiously hate. You see, some of them are actually bad. Rude, self-centered and what not! But have you ever spared a second to think what made them so? Hardly we have! And why the hell would we? When I was young, I was told to by so many people that nobody is born bad. Time and situations made them so. Now I’m a well grown adult and have a mature angle to understand what it actually means. People are what their experiences make them. And I’m also one of a kind. we hate a few people. And I’m not saying that we do that for no reason. There goes some or the other reason, for sure. But let’s for sometime, imagine that the person you hate is you. Would you ever be convinced with the fact of you being hated. No! We know these people but we don’t know what battles they are fighting. Some are the victims of depression and by being the way they show they are, might be of their help. Some are stoned badly by the incidents of their past. Staying sensitive for them is no less than a task they are not able to do. A few have undergone much distressing times in their lives that being good or being bad doesn’t make any difference to them. Life isn’t easy. For anyone. What we are facing and what hardship is to us may be equal to nothing to somebody else. They may be stone-faced on the outside but what’s going inside, you have no clue. Not everything you see is true!

In such circumstances, all you can do is stop being judgmental. Not hating them would be something done with a heavy heart and not an easy job,at all. What we can do the best for them is to ignore  them.

Just forgive them and forget for the sake of humanity. Humanity is nature and as Shakespeare said

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin..”

shows much relevance.

Not much of our life is left. Make it worth it. Show some care. Spread a little love. Make most of peace.


Have a good day!


Of Fragmentary Happiness 

In a dark dark night

About you I reminisce,
Cropping more towards you
I fall into abyss.

Where I see you
With your immense love,
Holding me tight
Where I be the dove.

Your eyes so glittery
Filled with fire,
Igniting my soul
To my heart’s desire.

I let my palms
In your sulking hands,
And drain my soul
Into the gullible sand.

You come closer
I feel some sting,
I wanted to fly
But couldn’t feel my wings.

You sat by my side
With your head on my chest,
Endless you cried
Till your eyes yelled for rest.

Your smell in my veins
Travel faster than light,
As I fasten you for good
To my world, to my sight.

Your thriving self and rage
Made me euphoric,
A wakeup from my dream
And the sting made me sick.

And there you sail away
Blurred and pale you look,
Fuelled my obsession; a little more
With you, my poise, you took.

And there I see, the giant sea
Swelling upon the vehement tide,
The night ended, and so my fear
And back into verity, I slide. 

Can we have some time, please? 

We live in a world where smiles run parallel to happiness. And didn’t we learn at school that parallel lines cant intersect each other? We did. And that’s the reality of life these days. We smile everyday. But do we really care how happy we are? Hardly, a few of us. The question is why? Are we in a false assurance of the next lives that we assume to have been waiting for us? No. It’s all in the abyss. We just have one life. And half of it we have lived, already. Or maybe just survived through. Drowning in the bewildering hustle of the heavy duty goals that we’ve set for ourselves, we somewhere forget to live. Have you ever thought of taking a sound leave from work just to invest your time doing nothing? No. Because we think that doing nothing is a waste of time. But my friend, time spent doing nothing is not the time wasted; provided that you like it. 






Time’s winged chariot is hurrying near

Give your burdened and poor self some space. Breathe in fresh air. Air of positivity, love, hope, and all good. Recall what you have done so far and how far have you come. Listen to what your soul is saying. Take care of it. Pamper it. Because ripped sounds better with jeans than soul. Think good. Feel good. Medidate. Pray. Love. Don’t wish to have a long life, wish to have a big life. We are humans. We all have done something which we think we shouldn’t have. But that’s done and dusted. Keep memories rather than keeping regrets. Life is short. Make it worth the living.


Born alive 

I question why? 

Frail, feeble, mellow and meek 

All this long, I gave my all 

For rants along the hide and seek. 

Hello double-faced 

I am different 

I wear the scariest apparel 

It makes me look and feel so good

I feel protected

I feel confident

I feel calm

It is to me like body is  to soul

I may not be able to survive without it

Yes, I’m different 

I wear the scariest apparel 

I wear Masquerade. 

Say the Unsaid 

Feel the breeze

Hold my hand

Let’s fly away 

To the second space;

Where you be an artist

And I’ll be your muse

See the flushing river

Creating heavenly hues

I’ll run in the meadows

With you by my side

Your chest into which 

I’ll bury and will hide

Falling from the sky

In your arms I’d roll

Unfold me to bare

And make it to my soul. 


Im drowning

Deep into the sea; of my sins ;

Pulling me swiftly yet gently towards its bed

The sins so close to my heart

The heart so close to my end

And I’m drowned. 


I’m dead.